Hola girls! I know all of you wanna have the CUTEST clothes, right?? well here are some fashion tips!! if u think your outfit is just ugly and plain, try throwing a colorful scarf or headband on! a cute pair of earrings are always awesome too!

if u think your jeans are so out of style, go to a craft store and buy some colorful patches or denim markers, to personalize them! but remeber, some of these markers don't come off too easily, so be careful what you write!

if u think you are already the fashion queen, but you wanna be a little more outgoing, try wearing mix n match things! like a yellow and orange top, shorts, and green leggings! put your hair up in a funky way! that way EVERYONE will notice you!

but if u are kind of shy and don't want too many people to notice you, but u stil wanna look cute, try wearing a denim skirt and a cute tank top or t shirt. that way you'll look cute, but you won't be in the spotlight.

If you have any fashion tips, tell me! I'll post them up here!